Artists Design
The Twelve Columns
The Ballot Vase
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The Twelve Columns mark the memorial's boundaries. Each column has two fluted sides and two polished sides, creating a contrast that represents Greece and Australia.

On approaching the memorial from certain angles, visitors may see either the polished or the fluted sides. The contrasting surfaces give the memorial site the appearance of being two columns in one.
The Ballot Vase, decorated with olive and gum tree branches, stands in memory of the events that brought Australians and Greeks together in a battle for justice and liberty. The Vase is filled with black pebbles, representing the democratic method exercised in ancient Athens where citizens voted on every issue by using a white pebble for 'yes' and a black for 'no'. The Vase commemorates the resounding "NO" given by Greeks to the Italian invaders in World War II.
The Crypt
The Oikos
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The Oikos is the focal sculptural element. It was inspired by the cliffside monasteries of Mount Athos and the temple of Poseidon at Sounio. Significantly, the Oikos is made from two stones. The upper limestone portion came from Crete, while the bluestone base came out of an Australian quarry. This represents Greece supported by Australia. The Oikos stands on pavement as if it were the island of Crete dropped like a stone in the waters of the Aegean. The Oikos reminds us of two diverse experiences; the pivotal role of Australian forces, especially in Crete and elsewhere in Greece, and the experience of Greek immigrants in Australia. Though the experiences are extremely different, they represent people from different parts of the world who are identified by life changing events in each other's distant lands.
In the centre of the memorial is the Crypt. The Crypt contains historically significant documents and objects which, in the future, will serve as a record of the events that brought two nations together for one cause.
The Memorial was designed by artist Evangelos Sakaris,
 and incorporates four distinct, yet integrated elements:
The Twelve Columns, the Crypt, the Oikos and the Ballot Vase.